November, 8 Delegation of RATEN representatives lead by Mr. Alexandru Toma, Director of Strategy and Development, took part in a ceremony organized by the Romanian Embassy in Belgium, in Brussels. The aim of this meeting, attended by the President of Romania, Mr. Klaus Iohannis, was to sign a Memorandum of Understanding for developing lead-cooled fast reactors (LFR), between the following entities in the nuclear energy field: RATEN, ANSALDO NUCLEARE S.P.A (Italy) and ENEA – partners within the FALCON consortium, on one hand, and SCK CEN (Belgian Nuclear Research Centre, Mol, Belgium) and WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC COMPANY LLC (Delaware, USA), two important stakeholders with experience in the LFR tehnology.
This document represents the basis for negociating a future collaboration agreement for accelerating the development of this technology, in order to produce commercial, competitive reactors with advanced security features that would contribute to the transition towards a low-carbon energy system.
The step-by-step demonstration of the LFR technology requires the construction and operation of experimental support facilities. The ALFRED demonstrator (Advanced LFR European Demonstrator), together with the experimental support facilities on the RATEN ICN nuclear site (the ATHENA and CHEMLAB facilities are under construction, while four others are set to be funded through the Smart Growth, Digitization and Financial Instruments Program) are key for this MoU and for future collaborations, placing Romania at the forefront of new-generation nuclear technology development.

September, 25-29 The 67th General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) took place in Vienna, Austria, with 2835 registered participants, 2589 Member States representatives from 89 international organizations and 153 NGOs. RATEN representatives attended the conference as part of the Romanian delegation: Ion Octavian Uță, RATEN General Director, Alexandru Toma, RATEN Strategy and Development Director, Constantin Păunoiu, RATEN ICN Director, Dumitru Bărbos, RATEN ICN Deputy Director for Nuclear Security, and Gheorghe Staicu, RATEN CITON Director.
Aside from the plenary sessions, the RATEN representatives also attended various events organized during the conference in Vienna, such as the reception arranged by the Canadian Embassy in Austria in collaboration with the Canadian Nuclear Association, the meeting with Last Energy representatives from the United States of America, the meeting with Norwegian authorities who collaborate with CNCAN, and the event titled Lead-cooled Fast Reactor: A Game Changer for the Renaissance of Nuclear Power in the World, organized by the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA) together with the Italian Permanent Mission. The discussions carried out during those events sought to strengthen RATEN’s connection to other Member States representatives, to delve deeper into the main topics of interest from the standpoint of ongoing common projects, and to identify new opportunities for future collaboration.


September, 26-29 The 66th General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency took place in Vienna, Austria. RATEN representatives attended the conference as part of the Romanian delegation: Ion Octavian Uţă, RATEN General Director, Alexandru Toma, RATEN Strategy and Development Director, Constantin Păunoiu, RATEN ICN Director, Dumitru Bărbos, RATEN ICN Deputy Director for Nuclear Security, and Gheorghe Staicu, RATEN CITON Director.
The RATEN representatives took part in various activities organized within the framework of the 66th GC, such as meetings with the Canadian delegation and representatives of the US industry, a seminar for redesignating CEA France as an ICERR, and the joint Romanian-Italian presentation on the FALCON Consortium.

March, 9 Prime Minister Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă Met with Last Energy Representatives
In line with efforts to ensure Romania’s energy independence, Prime Minister Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă met with representatives of Last Energy, an American company supported by investors who are also involved in the development of Space X projects.
Last Energy develops innovative solutions for Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (20 MWh installed power). To this end, in collaboration with the Technologies for Nuclear Energy State Owned Company (RATEN), a demonstrator project is going to be developed on the Mioveni nuclear platform, complementary to investments that have already been announced in Romania in the nuclear field.
Speaking about a common effort within the framework of the Strategic Partnership between Romania and the USA, Prime Minister Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă has shown that there are experts in Romania capable of supporting the implementation of such an innovative project, which could contribute to the strategic objective of enegry independence.
Among those who took part in discussions with Last Energy representatives were Virgil Popescu, Minister for Energy, and Răzvan Nicolescu, board member for the European Institute of Innovation and Technology.


October, 19 The Kick-Off Meeting of the ALFRED-Etapa 1 Project took place at the RATEN Mioveni headquarters, welcoming representatives of the international consortium that has undertaken the design, procurement, installation and commissioning of the ATHENA experimental facility, in virtue of the contract signed with RATEN on October 6th 2021. Together with delegates from Ansaldo Nucleare S.p.A., Reinvent Energy S.R.L. and the Institute for Studies and Power Engineering (ISPE PC), the management teams of RATEN, RATEN ICN and the ALFRED Project also participated in discussions regarding the communication strategy for this contract, as well as the activities planned for the near future.
“ATHENA is a multifunctional installation made up of a electrically heated pool filled with molten lead, with the purpose of investigating the thermohydraulic regimes and the functioning of components, systems and equipment for the ALFRED reactor..

October As part of the ALFRED-Etapa 1 Project, an international consortium between Ansaldo Nucleare (Italy) and Reinvent Energy (Romania) has won a contract worth approximately 20 M€ for the design, procurement, installation and commissioning of the ATHENA experimental facility. The consortium is supported by ENEA (Italy) and SRS (Italy) for the conceptual and detailed design of the technological part, as well as ISPE (Romania) and Somet (Romania) for the design of civil works and the installation activities, respectively.
“ATHENA is the first step in a complex technological infrastructure through which the physics and engineering of the next generation of lead-cooled nuclear power plants will be better understood and validated”, said Catalin Ducu, General Director at RATEN-ICN. “ATHENA is a first milestone in the ambitious project of the ALFRED infrastructure and represents a great opportunity for the South-Muntenia region, for the development of Romanian high-skill professionals, as well as for the European R&D programme”.
September, 20-24 The 64th IAEA General Conference took place in Vienna from 20 to 24 September 2021. As part of the Romanian delegation, representatives for RATEN and RATEN ICN also attended the conference: RATEN General Director Marian-Cătălin Ducu, Strategy and Development Director Alexandru Toma, RATEN ICN Director Constantin Păunoiu and President of the Scientific Council Șerban Constantin Valeca.
On this occasion, in a festive setting, IAEA General Director Rafael Mariano Grossi presented the RATEN and RATEN ICN delegation with a plaque, attesting that the Institute for Nuclear Research Pitești is an International Centre based on Research Reactors (ICERR) in the fields of “Education and Training (E&T)” and “Common Research and Development Projects (R&D)”. RATEN ICN was designated as ICERR by the IAEA on 17 January 2020, joining six other renowned institutes from the USA, France, South Korea, the Russian Federation and Belgium. This distinction salutes the institute’s outstanding performance in the field of nuclear energy worldwide.
July, 31 RATEN and RATEN ICN received the visit of the US Department of Energy delegation, led by Dr. Kathryn D. Huff – Acting Assistant Secretary and Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Nuclear Energy. The meeting was also attended by Mr. Cosmin Ghiță, CEO of SNN. The group visited the TRIGA reactor and the Post-Irradiation Testing Laboratory at the Institute for Nuclear Research, on the Mioveni nuclear site.
The discussions carried out during this meeting focused on RATEN’s future involvement in the framework of the Strategic Partnership between Romania and the USA, with respect to education & training, advanced Generation IV reactors and SMRs.


January, 17 The Institute for Nuclear Research Pitesti (RATEN ICN) has been designated by the International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA Vienna, as an International Center based of Research Reactor (ICERR) for the areas of activity: Education and Training (E&T) and Joint Research and Development (R&D) Projects.


December, 5th RATEN ICN hosted the technical visit of the President of University Network of Excellence in Nuclear Engineering (UNENE) from Canada, to promote the Institute's activity in the nuclear field and to launch future collaborations.
December, 4th RATEN and RATEN ICN leaders received the visit of Mansoura University delegation from Egypt, an event enrolled in the framework of the Tri-lateral Cooperation Agreement, signed by Mansoura University, University of Pitesti and RATEN ICN in 2018. It was discussed and analyzed the stage of implementation and the future directions of collaboration.
Octomber, 11 During the trade mission, organized by the Canadian Embassy in Bucharest, the Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCNI) representatives participate in a technical visit at RATEN ICN, on which the future opportunities for collaboration are discussed.
Octomber, 9th RATEN hosts a meeting and a technical visit, during the General Assembly of the LFR Steering Committee organized in Romania, considering the role that RATEN branches have in the PROALFRED Project and in the research infrastructure of the ALFRED demonstrator.
September,  25 The PROALFRED Project, PNCDIII, C1-ALFRED Competition will be launched at the headquarters of the Institute for Nuclear Research , in the presence of the Ministry of Research and Innovation representatives, the RATEN leadership, the Coordination Team (RATEN ICN) and of the partners (UPIT, UPB , IFIN –HH, IPE).
https://www.raten.ro/?page id=2618
September, 15-20 The RATEN delegation attend the 63-th Annual Regular Session of the General Conference and the scientific Forum A decade of Action on Cancer Control and the Way Forward at the VIC in Vienna.
September 5-6th RATEN participates in the Symposium Energy systems and the economic impact of the penetration of new technologies in the context of the Energy Union. Up-to-date aspects of the nuclear domain, organized by CNR-CME. On this occasion, the ALFRED Project Manager presents a paper, entitled Generation IV Lead-Fast Cooled Reactor Technology (LFR). The ALFRED Demonstrator at the Nuclear Technologies for the future Session.
August 28 The RATEN management participates in the meeting organized by the Nuclear Agency and for Radioactive Waste (ANDR) at the University of Piteşti, on the occasion of the technical visit made by the NEA-OECD Director General, Mr. William D. Magwood IV, in Romania. The purpose of the meeting is to strengthen the international collaboration between research institutes and academia in the nuclear energy field.
June 24 – July 4th RATEN through RATEN ICN provide support to the World Nuclear University (WNU) Summer Institute, event hosted by Romania.
The RATEN ICN Scientific Director, Mr. Alexandru Toma, as a invited leader, presents the lecture, RATEN ICN history, current situation, objectives and expectations and participates in the Round Table Nuclear Leadership in the Digital World, on June 25, 2019.
During the technical visits organized at the TRIGA–ICN Research Reactor and Post-Irradiation Examination Laboratory, LEPI, experimental tests will be also carried out, related to measurements of neutron flux monitors and calibration of the reactor control bars.
June 24-27 RATEN and RATEN ICN Representatives participate in the Regional Workshop "Small Modular Reactors Deployment Scenarios in Global Energy Portfolio", organized by IAEA Vienna and CNCAN Romania, at Piteşti.
On this occasion, RATEN ICN organizes a technical visit to the nuclear installations on the Nuclear Platform of Mioveni.
June 4th Mr. Doru Vişan, State Secretary of the Ministry of Energy, attended the opening session of the FISA2019 EURADWASTE'19 Conferences, organized on the occasion of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the European Commission and RATEN ICN. On this occasion, Mr. Vishan made a technical visit to the Mioveni Nuclear Platform, where he visited the nuclear facilities of national interest: the TRIGA-ICN reactor and the LEPI Post-Irradiation Examination Laboratory.
May 29 IAEA Vienna Delegation, Technical Cooperation Department, Europe Division, Ms Ana Raffo-Caiado, Director, and Alexey Katukhov, Program Management Officer, made a technical visit to RATEN.
Accompanied by the ANDR representatives, the IAEA delegation discussed on future collaboration proposals, concerning Romanian Nuclear Power Program priorities.
May 20 Mr. Nicolae Hurduc, Minister of Research and Innovation, made a technical visit to the Mioveni Nuclear Platform, at RATEN headquarters. On this occasion, the TRIGA-ICN Research Reactor and the Post-Irradiation Examination Laboratory (LEPI), nuclear installations of national interest, were also visited.
February 5th In the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding, signed between Perma-Fix Environmental Service, Inc., and RATEN, representatives of Perma-Fix Medical Company have visit the Mioveni Nuclear Platform, the Research Infrastructure operated by RATEN ICN: the TRIGA-ICN Research Reactor and the Post-Radiation Examination Lab. Based on the activities and experience acquired by both partners in the field of medical radioisotope production to date, the future collaboration priorities have been was established.
February 4th The General Director, Cristian GENTEA signed the Memorandum of Understanding between RATEN and Perma-Fix Environmental Inc to implement a new method of obtaining the Tc 99 generators in the Hot Cells of RATEN ICN. The application of the patent process developed by Perma-Fix will support the absence of the Mo-99 radioisotope in nuclear medicine and thus will contribute to the development of a clean and safe process, that meets the requirements concerning environmental issues, material reprocessinging , treatment of high-activity waste and without any proliferation concerns.
The event was organized at the Energy Ministry headquarters and was attended by the Minister of Energy, Mr. Anton ANTON, and the State Secretary, Robert TUDORACHE.
7 septembrie Primul Ministru al României, Viorica DĂNCILĂ, a efectuat o vizită pe platforma nucleară Mioveni la Institutul de Cercetări Nucleare. Cu acest prilej s-a întâlnit cu conducerile RATEN, RATEN ICN și cu membrii ai Consiliului Științific şi a efectuat o vizită la instalațiile de interes național, care funcționează pe această platformă: Reactorul de Cercetare TRIGA-ICN, Laboratorul de examinare post-iradiere şi Standul de Testare a mașinii de încărcat-descărcat combustibil.
April 17-18 The RATEN and RATEN ICN leaders participated in the Technical Meeting, organized by CNE-Cernavoda, with the COG delegation, led by Fred Dermarker, President and CEO, from April 17-18, 2018. The meeting aimed to analyze the stage of the CNE-COG-RATEN collaboration and future proposals in CANDU users' projects.
April 6 Mr. Cristian GENTEA, RATEN General Director, the RATEN ICN Board and Post-Irradiation Examination Laboratory (LEPI) specialists, received the visit of the United States Department of Energy (DoE), led by Mrs. Maegon BARLOW, Director, Office of Radiological Security, accompanied by the CNCAN representative.
The analysis of the work carried out in the framework of contracts for decommissioning of radioactive sources, used for medical purposes at several hospitals in the country, as well as the visit to LEPI, the laboratory where the experimental activity was actually carried out, have been the priorities of the meeting.
The DoE delegation appreciated the efforts made to finalize the contracts, the professionalism and the competence demonstrated by RATEN ICN experts in their activities with radiation sources. It was expressed the intention to continue the collaboration within this partnerships.
March 14 Representative of the Partnership for Research and Education for Advanced Nuclear Systems (CESINA), Mr. Constantin PĂUNOIU, Director RATEN ICN, signed the Memorandum of Understanding between CESINA and SN Nuclearelectrica SA (SNN) on March 14, 2018.
The document aims to accelerate the development and use of low-carbon technologies, improving new technologies and reducing costs by coordinating national R&D efforts in the field, promoting the collaborative opportunities by implementing the ALFRED Demonstrator in Romania.
February 28 RATEN, represented by General Director Cristian GENTEA, signed the Agreement between the Commissariat of Atomic Energy and Alternative Energy (CEA) and the Nuclear Energy Technologies Company (RATEN) in the field of nuclear science and technology, in the presence of Mr. Robert Tudorache, State Secretary in the Ministry of Energy.
On this occasion, a Scientific Seminar, dedicated to research reactors, and a technical visit to TRIGA-ICN reactor and Post-Irradiation Examination Lab were also organized.
November 9 RATEN, as organiser, participates in CNR-CME Conference, Nuclear Energy – Safe, Sustainable and Competitive in Romania, at the headquarters of Politechnica University of Bucharest. The RATEN delegation held lectures on national priorities for Research Development and Technological Engineering in the nuclear energy field.
October 25 Visit of US Embassy representatives in Bucharest, Ms. Stephanie Boscaino, Economic Officer, and Mr. Bogdan Mihăila, Program Director in the Division of Physics, National Science Foundation, Embassy Science Fellow, aiming to strength the collaboration in the nuclear energy research and development area, between the United States and România.
October 18 The RATEN Delegation participates in Trade Winds, the largest annual US trade mission, aimed at creating business partnerships between our countries. At its 10th edition, the event is the largest government trade mission in the history of the region.
September 18-22 RATEN representatives attend the 61th Annual Regular Session of the IAEA General Conference at the Vienna International Centre in Vienna. A Scientific Forum will be convened in conjunction with the 61th General Conference – entitled Nuclear Techniques in Human Health: Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment.
June 19 RATEN and RATEN ICN representatives attended a technical meeting organized by the Nuclear Agency and Radioactive Waste in collaboration with the IAEA, with the occasion of deploying an expert mission concerning the „Romania radioactive waste inventory”, 19 June 2017, ANDR headquarter, Bucharest.
May 30 – June 1 RATEN representative attended the International Conference on The IAEA Technical Cooperation Programme: Sixty Years and Beyond — Contributing to Development and the Romania’s exhibition stand We care for the next generation: 60 years successful IAEA TC projects in Romania, 30 May – 01 June 2017, IAEA, Viena, Austria.
3 aprilie Reprezentantul RATEN participă la întâlnirea tehnică de lucru, organizată de Agenţia Nucleară și pentru Deșeuri Radioactive (ANDR) in colaborare cu Agenția Internațională pentru Energie Atomica, cu ocazia desfășurării misiunii de experți AIEA cu titlul “Evaluarea soluțiilor finale aferente ciclului de combustibil nuclear”, în data de 3 aprilie 2017, la sediul ANDR din Bucuresti.
March 16 RATEN representatives participate in Civil Nuclear Research and Development Workshop organized by UK Science & Innovation Network, Department for International Trade, The Open University, OU Energy, University of Cambridge and RATEN ICN at the British Embassy in Bucharest, Romania.
February 2 Conducerile RATEN, RATEN ICN şi RATEN CITON au participat la Întâlnirea tehnică de lucru, organizată de Ministerul Energiei, cu ocazia Misiunii de evaluare a României, în vederea accederii ca stat membru la Agenția pentru Energie Nucleară (NEA) şi Agenția Internațională pentru Energie (IEA) din cadrul Organizației pentru Cooperare şi Dezvoltare Economică (OECD).
În cadrul evenimentului, organizat la sediul Ministerului Cercetării şi Inovării, în data de 2 februarie 2017, RATEN a prezentat principalele contribuții şi aportul adus la dezvoltarea domeniului energetic din România, competențele şi infrastructura de care dispune pentru susținerea cooperării în domeniul nuclear cu aceste organisme internaționale.
16 decembrie Aflată la prima ediţie, Gala de Excelenţă “10 pentru Argeş”, organizată de Consiliul Judeţean Argeş, în data de 16 decembrie 2016, a valorificat munca, performanţele şi rezultatele deosebite în 10 domenii de activitate, a recunoscut meritele personalităţilor care, prin activitatea lor, au contribuit la promovarea şi dezvoltarea judeţului în anul 2016.
La secţiunea Cercetare au fost nominalizaţi de la RATEN ICN cercetătorii principali Daniela Diaconu, Cristian Gentea şi Marian Constantin. Premiul pentru excelenţă a fost atribuit dlui Cristian Gentea, Director Securitate Nucleară, pentru realizările obţinute în cadrul Programului privind examinarea fascicolelor combustibile iradiate la CNE Cernavodă Cernavodă şi producţia de surse închise pentru uz industrial.
18-22 octombrie RATEN, prin reprezentantul RATEN ICN, a participat, în perioada 18-22 octombrie 2016, la o vizită de studiu la instituții similare din Oslo și Trondheim (Norvegia), organizată de Ministerul Energiei, în parteneriat cu compania Innovation Norway, pentru susținerea cercetării românești în domeniul energiei.
19 octombrie Reprezentanţii RATEN au participat miercuri, 19 octombrie 2016, la Conferinţa "Resursele umane cea mai mare provocare pentru proiectele actuale şi de viitor în domeniul nuclear" organizată de ROMATOM cu sprijinul publicatiei Energy-Center, la Bucureşti

30 septembrie RATEN a participat, vineri 30 septembrie 2016, la Întâlnirea organizată de Ministerul Energiei între reprezentanții conducerii companiilor energetice și societatea civilă, ca parte a proiectului „Transparență în Energie”.
September 26–30 RATEN representatives attend the 60th Annual Regular Session of the IAEA General Conference at the Vienna International Centre in Vienna. A Scientific Forum will be convened in conjunction with the 60th General Conference – entitled Nuclear Technology for the Sustainable Development Goals.
19 septembrie RATEN şi RATEN ICN au participat la evenimentul de lansare a exerciţiului naţional Valahia 2016, organizat de CNCAN la Bucureşti, în data de 19 septembrie 2016. Exerciţiul, susţinut de Guvernul Norvegiei prin programul Norway Grants, va avea menirea de a testa capacitatea de răspuns a României la o urgenţă nucleară.
12 august Vineri, 12 august 2016, Directorul General RATEN, Cristian Patticu, a participat la Ministerul Energiei la întâlnirea între Ministrul Energiei, Victor Vlad Grigorescu, reprezentanți ai institutelor de cercetare din domeniul energiei și reprezentanți ai Ministerului Fondurilor Europene. Cu această ocazie reprezentanții Ministerului Fondurilor Europene au prezentat oportunitățile și condițiile de accesare a unor linii de fonduri norvegiene pentru susținerea și dezvoltarea cercetării românești în domeniul energiei.
May 19 Thursday, May 19, 2016, RATEN Management has participate in a Meeting with researchers working in the RD energy field, at the invitation of Minister of Energy , Mr. Victor Grigorescu, in the framework of the National Energy Strategy.
April 21 Thursday, April 21st, 2016 in the framework of the Practical Arrangements between the International Atomic Energy Agency and Institute for Nuclear Research Piteşti, România, on Cooperation in the Area of Scientific and Technical Support to Member States in Nuclear Safety, the Center of Cooperation was inaugurated.
The solemn event has taken place at the RATEN ICN premises in the presence of IAEA Director General Dr. Yukiya AMANO, Romanian Minister of Energy, Mr. Victor GRIGORESCU, and other Romanian Institutes representatives involved in the nuclear energy field.
14 decembrie Vizita de Documentare a Ambasadorului Marii Britanii si Irlandei de Nord la Bucuresti, privind posibilitatea de colaborare cu institutiile britanice din domeniul nuclear.
4 septembrie Vizita stiintifica a delegatiei Universitatii din Mansoura , Egipt, pentru dezvoltarea de programe de studiu si activitati de cercetare in domeniul energeticii si tehnologiilor nucleare, in baza Acordului Cadru de cooperare intre Universitatea din Pitesti (UPIT) si RATEN ICN.
13 martie Vizita de lucru a reprezentantilor CANDU Owners Group ( COG) si SNN – CNE privind continuarea colaborarilor pe Programele COG R&D.
15-19 septembrie Misiunea IAEA pentru implementarea Proiectului national ROM 007 Supporting a Refueling Simulator and Nuclear Knowledge Management Tool.
6 mai Vizita de documentare a unei delegatii a Parlamentului European pentru promovarea domeniul nuclear si dezvoltarea posibilitatilor de colaborare cu organizatii internationale.
4 februarie Vizita Tehnica a reprezentantilor Ambasadei Frantei la Bucuresti şi a Commisariatului pentru Energie Atomica , CEA- Franta, privind implementarea Proiectului ALFRED in Romania.
19 Decembrie Seminar Interactiv organizat de Ministerul Educatiei Nationale cu ocazia vizitei oficiale a Ministrului Cercetarii din Egipt, George Ramzy Stino, pentru evidentierea realizarilor in domeniul cercetarii-dezvoltarii ale unor institute din Romania precum si identificarea de noi directii de colaborare.
18 Decembrie - Semnarea Memorandumului de Cooperare intre ANSALDO Nucleare şi ENEA din Italia si Institutul de Cercetari Nucleare Pitesti, RATEN ICN, pentru implementarea constructiei proiectului ALFRED;
- Constituirea Consortiul FALCON (Fostering Alfred Consortium).

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