About us

Established October 1st 2013, by partial division of the Romanian Authority for Nuclear Activities Drobeta Turnu Severin, (RAAN), after the separation of the research and development activities, technological engineering and technical support for nuclear power, the Technologies for Nuclear Energy State Owned Company (RATEN) is a strategic Romanian legal Entity coordinating the RD activity in the nuclear energy field, which maintains and develop  the scientific and technologic support for the National Nuclear Energy Program.
The Company was constituted through the Government Act No. 54, 2013 May 29th, approved by the Law No. 302, 2013 November 15th.
RATEN managed two Subsidiaries:
Institute for Nuclear Research Pitesti (RATEN ICN)
Center of Technology and Engineering for Nuclear Projects, Bucureşti Magurele (RATEN CITON)

RATEN headquarters is in Mioveni, Campului Street No.1, Arges County, Romania, Postal code 115400


RATEN Leaders participate in the International Symposium on Nuclear Energy, SIEN 2017, organized by AREN in partnership with ROMATOM and WiNRo Romania, under the auspices of the ENS Nuclear Society ENS, in Bucharest, between October 2-4, 2017.
The RATEN delegation, represented by Mr. Senator Şerban Valeca, ICN Scientific Council President, Mr. Cristian Gentea, General Director RATEN, Mr. Constantin Păunoiu, Director of the RATEN ICN and Mr. Gheorghe Staicu, Deputy Director RATEN CITON, attend the 61-th Annual Regular Session of the General Conference at the VIC in Vienna, between September 18-22, 2017.
RATEN representatives, Ms. Maria Roth, Director Strategy and Development RATEN, Mr. Constantin PĂUNOIU, Director RATEN ICN, Mr Adrian RIZEA, Director RATEN CITON and Mr. Alexandru TOMA, Deputy Scientific Director RATEN ICN , have as guests Mr. William Magwood IV, NEA – OECD General Director, on the Mioveni Nuclear Platform, on August 29, 2017, after Romania's accession as full member state to the Nuclear Energy Agency of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (NEA-OECD).
The RATEN delegation, represented by General Director, Mr. Cristian PATTICU, Director of Strategy and Development, Maria Roth, Director Constantin PĂUNOIU, Director Adrian RIZEA and Scientific Director, Mr. Ilie TURCU, participates in the Technical Meeting, organized by the Ministry of Energy, with the occasion of the Romanian Evaluation Mission to become a NEA-OECD Member State on February 2, 2017 at the headquarters of the Ministry of Research and Innovation.