RATEN is managed by an Board of Directors consisting:

Chairman Tudor Lucretiu Ioan CV Economist
Temporary Administrator Fulger Nicolae CV Engineer
Temporary Administrator Mufturel Augustin Mihai CV Physicist
Temporary Administrator Trancotă Dan CV Physics teacher
Temporary Administrator Dan Matei CV Economist
Temporary Administrator Ioniță Gheorghe CV Engineer
General Director Ducu Marian-Cătălin CV Physics Engineer

RATEN executive

General Director Ducu Marian-Cătălin CV catalin.ducu-(at)-raten.ro
Strategy and Development Director Toma Alexandru CV alexandru.toma-(at)-raten.ro
Financial Director Apostoliceanu Sorin CV sorin.apostoliceanu-(at)-raten.ro

Institute for Nuclear Research Pitesti, RATEN-ICN

Director Păunoiu Constantin constantin.paunoiu-(at)-nuclear.ro
Deputy Director of Nuclear Safety Bărbos Dumitru dumitru.barbos-(at)-nuclear.ro
Deputy Scientific Director Diaconu Daniela daniela.diaconu-(at)-nuclear.ro
Deputy director of economic Costache Sofia sofia.costache-(at)-nuclear.ro

Center of Technology and Engineering for Nuclear Projects, Bucuresti Magurele RATEN-CITON

Director Staicu Gheorghe staicug-(at)-router.citon.ro
Deputy Technical Director Fako Raluca Mădălina fakor-(at)-router.citon.ro
Deputy director of economic Preda Emilia Georgeta predag-(at)-router.citon.ro