COG Canada

  • COG—RATEN: New directions and collaboration proposals have been defined in areas of interest for the operation of CANDU 6 reactors;
  • COG proposed a new form of cooperation through R&D projects in partnership through the NEA/OECD in the areas:
    – Radioactive waste management;
    – Radiological Emergency Situations.


  • Agreement between the Commissariat of Atomic Energy and Alternative Energy (CEA) and the Nuclear Energy Technologies Company (RATEN) in the field of nuclear science and technology (28 February 2018).


  • Innovative IV Generation Systems and Small Modular Reactors (SMRs);
  • Radioactive waste field;
  • Project EURATOM – US INERI: „LFR in Regional Energy Markets: “Safety, Sustainability, and Economic Assessment”.


Investigations of Condensed Matter by Modern Neutron Scattering Methods”

  • Protocol 4725-4-18-20 between IUCN Dubna and RATEN ICN (2018-2020)
  • Protocol 4422-4-15-17   between IUCN Dubna and RATEN ICN (2015-2017)