Coordinated Research Projects (CRP)

CRP Coordinated Research Projects RO Romania Project
CRP J71013 Innovative Methods in Research Reactor Analysis: Benchmark against Experimental Data on Neutronics and Thermalhydraulic Computational Methods and Tools for Operation and Safety Analysis of Research reactors RO 15350 Assessment of the Computational Tools and Methods Used in Safety Analysis at TRIGA SSR 14 MW against Research Reactors Experimental data
CRP F23027 Application of Large Sample Neutron Activation Analysis Techniques for Inhomogeneous Bulk Archaeological Samples and Large Objects RO 15066 Large Sample NAA Facility And Methodology Development
CRP L53002 Increasing NPP Performance through Process-oriented Knowledge management Approach RO 16373 Case Study: ”The Development and Implementation of the Knowledge Transfer and Preservation Process at Cernavodă NPP”
CRP F11014 Benchmarking of Structural Materials Pre-selected for Advanced Nuclear Reactors RO 16705 Benchmarking of Advanced Materials Pre-Selected for Innovative Nuclear Reactors
CRP T12025 Evaluation of Conditions for Hydrogen-Induced Degradation of Zirconium during Fuel Operating and Storage RO 16798 Factors Affecting the Zirconium Alloy behaviour due to Hydrogen-uptake
CRP F11018 Application of Two and Three Dimensional Neutron Imaging with Focus on Cultural Heritage Research RO 17216 The Neutron and Gamma Imaging Method combined with Neutron-Based Analytical Methods for Cultural Heritage Research
CRP I31023 Prediction of Axial and Radial Creep in Pressure Tubes RO 17519 Prediction of Axial and Radial Creep in CANDU Pressure Tubes
CRP T12027 Reliability of High Power Extended Burn up and Advanced PHWR Fuels RO 18226 Reliability of High Power Extended Burn up and Advanced PHWR Fuels
CRP T12029 Benchmarks of Computational Tools against Experimental Data on Fuel Burnup and Material Activation for Utilization, Operation and Safety Analysis of Research Reactors RO 18729 Benchmarking Activities on Fuel Burnup and Material Activation with Computational Tools and Data Available at TRIGA România
CRP I31032 Neutronics Benchmark of CEFR Start-up Tests RO 22755 Neutronics Simulations of the CEFR Start-up Tests using Monte Carlo computer codes (SERPENT 2, MCNPX)

National Projects

Project Title
ROM 007 Supporting a Refueling Simulator and Nuclear Knowledge Management Tool

Regional Projects Coordinated by RATEN

Project Title Quality of
RER 2016013
RER 0043
Enhancing Capacity Building Activities in the European Nuclear and Radiation Safety Organizations for Safe Operation of Facilities Coordinator


International Program for Innovative Reactors and Fuel Cycles

Colaborative Projects and Activities in INPRO Task 1 – ”Global Scenarios”

Project Title
CENESO Comparative Evaluation of Nuclear Energy System Options
ROADMAPS Roadmaps for a Transition to Globally Sustenable Nuclear Energy System
KIND Key Indicators for Innovative Nuclear Energy
SYNERGIES Synergetic Nuclear Energy Regional Group Interactions Evaluated for Sustainability
Activity Objectives
Develop INPRO Task 1 Service to Member States Scenario Modelling and Decision Analysis Tools to support Sustainable Development Planning for Nuclear Energy Systems (“Analysis Support for Enhanced Nuclear Energy Sustainability” – ASENES)

Colaborative Projects in INPRO Task 2 – ”Innovations”

Project Title
FANES Nuclear Fuel and Fuel Cycle Analysis for Future NES
WIRAF Waste from Innovative Types of Reactors and Fuel Cycle

Activities in INPRO Task 3 “Sustainability Assessment and Strategies””

Activity Objectives
NESA Economics Support Tool (NEST) Update Produce a new version of the Nuclear Economics Support Tool (NEST)

Activities in INPRO Task 4 “Dialogue and Outreach”

Activity Objectives
Dialogue Forum on Global Nuclear Energy Sustainability Update Through this dialogue, technology holders can better understand the needs and concerns of technology users and technology users can better understand the possibilities and limitations of technologies and services provided by technology holders.
INPRO Training A comprehensive training programme (the INPRO School) covering all key aspects, services, tools and activities from all INPRO Tasks and aiming to assist the Member States in their long range and strategic planning of nuclear energy program as part of country’s energy mix.
E-learning and Distance Learning Tools to support INPRO Training The Online Assist Training combines features of the self-education e-learning course and on-line consultation via the web conferencing software, led by external experts and dedicated IAEA staff through the IAEA Learning Management System platform.

Practical Arrangement

  • The Practical Arrangements between the International Atomic Energy Agency Viena (IAEA) and Institute for Nuclear Research Piteşti (RATEN ICN) on Cooperation in the Area of Scientific and Technical Support to Member States in Nuclear Safety, signed in 2016 September, has been renewed in 2019 for 3 years.
  • Favorable agreement for IAEA Member States, especially developing countries, interested in the development of the nuclear field, to provide the necessary training for the development of their own activities, to develop their own infrastructures, to start the preliminary activities of building nuclear power plants, consolidating and supporting the services provided by IAEA Vienna


  • Participation of RATEN ICN in the activities of the ALMERA Network (Network of Analytical Laboratories for the Measurement of Environmental Radioactivity) as a national contact point
  • ICN RATEN participation through CNCAN to the RANET (Response Assistance Network)


  • Training through IAEA Scholarship (Nuclear Safety, Fuel Manufacturing, Research Reactors, Radiation Protection)
  • Participation at courses, workshops, technical training
  • RATEN representation in technical working groups: Technical Working Group – Fast Reactors (TWG-FR)