The State Owned Company Technologies for Nuclear Energy (RATEN) is founded with the aim to provide technical support for the nuclear power activities and to maintain and develop the technical competence during the life-time of the nuclear installations.

RATEN participate in the strategy development and in the achievement with priority of the scientific and technical objectives of the National Programs approved by the Government.

    RATEN’s main activities are:

  • Technologies development for ensuring the national scientific and technical support in the nuclear power energy for the safe operation of nuclear facilities;
  • Technologies development for the new type of GEN IV reactors;
  • Technologies development for spent fuel and radioactive waste management;
  • Radioisotope production for medicine and industry;
  • Research, design and technological engineering activities;
  • Training in the nuclear field;
  • Competences development in the nuclear field to offer technical support to the central public institutions;
  • Public Information Program;
  • Activities for sustaining the international cooperation area.