June, 18-19, 2019
RATEN ICN organizes and held the MEACTOS Technical Meeting in Bucharest.
The EURATOM project MEACTOS (Mitigating Environmentally – Assisted Cracking through Optimisation of Surface Condition) started at 01.09.2017. The goal of the MEACTOS project is to improve the safety and reliability of Generation II and III nuclear power plants (NPPs) by improving the resistance of critical locations, including welds, to Environmentally-Assisted Cracking (EAC) through the application of optimized surface machining and improved surface treatments. This project will quantify the effect of various surface machining and treatment techniques on the EAC behaviour of specific structural materials in the primary circuit of NPPs. The gained knowledge will be summarized in practical guidelines, which can be used for incorporation into key nuclear design and manufacturing codes. Furthermore, a tailored roadmap for harmonization of guidelines and codes will be produced. In this way, MEACTOS will improve safe and reliable economic nuclear energy production in Europe.
June, 17-18, 2019
RATEN ICN organizes The 15th annual meeting of the “European Cooperative Group on Corrosion Monitoring of Nuclear Materials – ECG-COMON”.
June, 4-7, 2019
The European Commission is co-organising FISA 2019 and EURADWASTE '19 conferences together with the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU, through the Institute for Nuclear Research (RATEN ICN), as a hosting organization.
June, 3-4, 2019
RATEN ICN organizes The 12th Annual International Conference on Sustainable Development through Nuclear Research and Education, Nuclear 2019 at its headquarters in Mioveni.