RATEN Annual Research Program on Development of National Technical Support and International Cooperation for Nuclear Energy (developed under the Romanian Government Act 144/1999, approved by 198/2000 Law), is supported by 18 Research Development and Engineering Technology Programs (RD&ET).

The RD & ET Programs are including research topics and RD papers, based on the national and international research priorities, agreements, conventions and international treaties to which Romania is a party, under the peaceful use of nuclear energy, and correlated with the strategic objectives of RATEN RD Strategy 2015-2025.





P1 Nuclear Safety  



Providing technical and scientific support for Cernavoda NPP, life time extension of Units 1 + U2, contributions to Units U3 + U4 Commissioning.

Implementation of the National Safety Strategy (CNCAN) and Radioactive Waste Management (ANDR)

P2 Fuel Channel
P3 Nuclear Fuel
P4 Fuel Handling System
P5 Radioactive Waste and Spent Nuclear Fuel Management
P6 Environment Protection
P7 Steam Generator
P8 Process Systems and Equipment
P9 Circuits Chemistry
P10 Instrumentation and Control
P11 CNE NPP Operation, Events Analysis, Ageing, Environmental Qualification and Increase of NPP Lifetime
P12 Advanced Reactors and Fuel Cycles

Development of fast reactors, Gen IV

P13 Ensuring and Increasing the Performance of TRIGA-ICN Reactor

Nuclear Materials Irradiation, Post-Irradation Examination, new Tehnologies

P14 Irradiation Technologies and Radioisotopes
P15 Informatisation of Nucear Activities  

Support Programs

P16 Heavy Water and Tritium
P17 Aplication of Nuclear Techniques
P18 International Cooperation

Fulfilling RD Responsibilities in the international Collaboration and Cooperation Area