September 17-21 The RATEN delegation, represented by RATEN General Director, RATEN ICN and RATEN CITON executives, attends the 62nd Annual General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency, as well as the Scientific Forum organized on this occasion, entitled "Nuclear Technology for Climate: Mitigation, Monitoring and Adaptation" at its headquarters in Vienna.
September, 3-7, 2018
RATEN ICN organizes and host the ETSON JSP Summer Workshop-ul “Radioactive waste management, environmental protection and decommissioning” at its premises in Mioveni.
The workshop was attended by foreign specialists representing major nuclear safety technical support organizations (TSO) from 10 countries (France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Finland, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Lithuania, Russian Federation), joined by young specialists from RATEN ICN.
The presentations and discussions covered topics such as Radioactive Waste Management, Storage and Disposal, Transport of Radioactive Materials, and Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities.
June, 10-14, 2018
RATEN participates in the 14th WEC CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE REGIONAL ENERGY FORUM – FOREN 2018, with the main theme: „Central and Eastern Europe în the New Era of Energy Transition: Challenges, Investment Opportunity and Technological Innovations, organized by the Romanian National Committee of the World Energy Council, CNR-CME, at Costinesti, Romania. RATEN is the responsible organizer of the Nuclear Energy Section.
May, 23-25, 2018
RATEN ICN organizes The 11th Annual International Conference on Sustainable Development through Nuclear Research and Education, Nuclear 2018 at its headquarters in Mioveni.