13th-14th September 2016
RATEN ICN organizes the International Conference Long-term National and Regional Benefits of ALFRED Construction in Romania, under the auspices of the European FP7 Project ARCADIA, at its headquarters in Mioveni.
12th-16th June 2016
RATEN participates in Energy Forum for Central and Eastern Europe -FOREN 2016, organized by the Romanian National Committee of the World Energy Council, CNR-CME, Costinesti, Romania.
With the main theme Safe and Sustainable Energy for the Region, FOREN 2016 focused on the main challenges and opportunities for the sustainable and safe development of the energy.
As organizer, RATEN supported the smooth running of Nuclear Energy Section. RATEN specialists, researchers and young employees participated in the oral and poster sessions. In recognition and appreciation of the scientific results, authors from RATEN ICN and RATEN CITON were rewarded with prizes.
FOREN 2016
1st-3rd June 2016
RATEN ICN organizes RICOMET Conference 2016 (Risk Perception, Communication and Ethics of Exposures to ionizing Radiation), under the auspices of the European Project EAGLE, OPERRA, CONCERT and PLATENSO in Bucharest.
18th-20th May 2016
RATEN ICN organizes The 9th Annual International Conference on Sustainable Development through Nuclear Research and Education, Nuclear 2016 at its headquarters in Mioveni.
3rd-4th February 2016
RATEN ICN organizes the Regional Meeting of the H2020 JOPRAD Project (Towards a Joint Programming on Radioactive Waste Disposal) in Bucharest.