18th-20th November 2015
RATEN ICN organizes and hosts the Workshop on Sitting and Licensing of Fast Neutron Reactors within H2020 ESNII Plus Project (European Sustainable Nuclear Industrial Initiative) at its headquarters in Mioveni.
29th October 2015
RATEN AP participates is Waste Management Round Table. Legal regulations, solutions and actions, organized in Bucharest by the Romanian National Institute for the Study of planning and use of energy resources (IRE).
18th-22th October 2015
RATEN AP, RATEN ICN and RATEN CITON attend the International Symposium on Nuclear Energy, SIEN 2015, organized by AREN and ROMATOM in Bucharest.RATEN ICN ensures the smooth running of the technical visit on the Mioveni Nuclear platform, TRIGA Reactor and Post-Irradiation Examination Laboratory, LEPI.
9th-10th June 2015
RATEN ICN organizes and hosts the Meeting of the Steering Committee of the European Network Net (Neutron Techniques Standardization for Structural Integrity) in Bucharest.
27th-29th May 2015
RATEN ICN organizes The 8th Annual International Conference on Sustainable Development through Nuclear Research and Education, Nuclear 2015 at its headquarters in Mioveni.
19th-23th April 2015
RATEN AP si RATEN ICN participate to the European Research Reactor Conference, RRFM 2015, organized in Bucharest.
RATEN ICN ensures the smooth running of the technical visit to the TRIGA Reactor and to the Post-Irradiation Examination Laboratory, LEPI.