Support research infrastructure:
ATHENA (pool type installation for experiments and thermo-hydraulic tests)
ChemLab (laboratory for lead chemistry)

Main Expected Results

  • Designing and constructing the building for the ATHENA and ChemLab infrastructures. The main building will host the ATHENA experimental installation and the ChemLab laboratory, as well as working stations for experimentalists. The auxiliary building provides functional support for the main building and it is destined for auxiliary services and technical annexes necessary for the ATHENA and ChemLab experimental installations;
  • Designing, executing, operating and testing the ATHENA installation. It is a multifunctional installation comprised of an electrically heated melted lead pool (total power 2.21 MW) destined for investigating thermal-hydraulic regimes and the functionality of components, systems and equipment for the ALFRED reactor;
  • Setting up, equipping, operating and testing the ChemLab laboratory, dedicated to implementing and developing control, monitorizing the chemical regime of the cooling system (especially oxygen), as well as investigating the interaction between liquid lead and structural materials in order to formulate protection strategies for the ALFRED demonstrator. ChemLab will have two components: (1) experimental laboratory and (2) structural analysis laboratory;
  • Developing a scientific program for investigating the open aspects of the lead-cooled fast reactor technology, based on the use of the ATHENA and ChemLab experimental installations;
  • Acquiring the primary coolant (lead) to be used in the operation of the ATHENA experimental installation.


Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, through the Competitiveness Operational Program