Site link: http://www.proalfred.nuclear.ro/

Activities for Preparing the ALFRED Research Infrastructure in Romania

Competition: C1 ALFRED, Program 5 – Research in Areas of Strategic Interest, Subprogram 5.5. Research, Development and Innovation Program for GIV reactors – ALFRED, National Plan for Research, Development and Innovation 2015-2020 (PNCDI III);

General Objective: The PRO ALFRED project aims to carry out preparatory actions to perform the research infrastructure of national and European interest, related to the LFR ALFRED demonstrator in Romania;

CoordinatorRegia Autonomă Tehnologii pentru Energia Nucleară (RATEN)
Partner 1Universitatea din Pitești (UPIT)
Partner 2Universitatea Politehnica București (UPB)
Partner 3Institutul National de Cercetare – Dezvoltare pentru Fizică și Inginerie Nucleară, Horia Hulubei” (IFIN-HH)
Partner 4 Institutul de Prognoză Economică (IPE)

Period: 16 months;

Buget: 12.000.000 lei, total amount allocated from the Romanian budget, of which: 3.000.000 lei for 2019 and 9.000.000 lei for 2020;

Kick of Meeting: 2019, September 25, at the Institute for Nuclear Research Piteşti (RATEN ICN) headquarter.