European Commission Projects (FP7, H2020)

Proiect Titlul Proiectului Perioada Calitatea
FORGE Fate of repository gases 2009 – 2013 Beneficiary
STYLE Structural integrity assessment for safety and lifetime management of non- RPV components 2010 – 2013 Beneficiary
IPPA Implementing Public Participation Approaches in Radioactive Waste Disposal 2011 – 2013 Beneficiary
NEWLANCER New MS linking for an advanced cohesion in Euratom Research 2011 – 2013 Coordonator
MATTER Materials, testing and rules  

2011 – 2014

SEARCH Safe exploitation related chemistry for HLM reactors Beneficiary
MAXSIMA Methodology, Analysis and experiments for the “Safety in MYRRHA Assessment” 2012 – 2018 Beneficiary
ARCADIA Assessment of regional capabilities for new reactors development through an Integrated Approach  



2013 – 2016

ASAPMSA_E Advanced Safety Assessment: Extended PSA Beneficiary
EAGLE Enhancing education, training and communication processes for informed behaviours and decision-making related to ionizing radiation risks Beneficiary
MARISA Support actions for the MYRRHA research infrastructure Beneficiary
PLATENSO Building a platform for enhanced societal research related to nuclear energy in Central and Eastern Europe Beneficiary
NUGENIA+ (MICRIN) Mitigation of Crack Initiation Beneficiary
ESNII PLUS Preparing ESNII for Horizon 2020 2013-2017 Beneficiary
MATISSE Materials: Innovations for a safe and sustainable nuclear in Europe
CAST Carbon 14 Source Term 2013-2018 Beneficiary
JOPRAD Joint Programming in H2020 in the field of Radioactive Waste Management Associate
CEBAMA Cement based Materials, Properties, Evolution, Barrier Functions 2015 – 2019 Beneficiary
FASTNET FAST Nuclear Emergency Tools Beneficiary

ACC 2009-2019

  • Joint Research Centre (JRC):

APSA Network;

NeT Network – European Network on Neutron Techniques Standardization for Structural Integrity;

  • TRANSURANUS Licensing Agreement
  • Members  of Europen Union Platforms, Associations, Networks: SNETP, IGD-TP, NUGENIA, EERA


  • IAEA – Viena:
    • Coordinated Research Projects, CRP
RO 16373 Study Case: The Development and Implementation of the Knowledge Transfer and Preservation Process at Cernavoda NPP
RO 15066 Large Sample NAA Facility and Methodology Development
RO 15350 Assessment of the computational tools and methods used in safety analysis at TRIGA SSR 14 MW against research reactors experimental data
RO 16705 Benchmarking of advanced Materials pre-selected for innovative Nuclear Reactors
RO 16798 Evaluation of Conditions for Hydrogen Induced Degradation of Zirconium Alloys during Fuel Operation and Storage
RO 17216 The Neutron and Gamma Imaging Method combined with Neutron-Based Analytical Methods for Cultural Heritage Research;
RO 17519 Prediction of Axial and Radial Creep in Pressure Tubes
RO 18226 Reliability of high Power Extended Burn Up and advanced PHWR Fuels;
RO 2026 Benchmarks of Computational Tools against Experimental Data on Fuel Burn up and Material Activation for Utilization, Operation and Safety Analysis of Research Reactors
  • National Project
ROM 007 Supporting a Refueling Simulator and Nuclear Knowledge Management Tool
  • INPRO (International Program for Innovative Reactors and Fuel Cycles)
INPRO Collaborative Projects (FANES, SYNERGY, KIND, ROADMAPS);

NESA in Romania, Project coordonated  by ANDR and IAEA.

Practical Arrangement (PA) between RATEN ICN and IAEA Viena on Cooperation in the Area of Scientific and Technical Support to Member States in Nuclear Safety


  • Involvment in Network activities: ALMERA (Network of Analytical Laboratories for the Measurement of Environmental Radioactivity), RANET (Response Assistance Network) through CNCAN;
  • Participation in:

– Technical Cooperation Projects (TC),

– Regional projects;

– Experts missions;

– Meetings, Conferences, Workshops and Courses;

– Fellowships trainings.

  • CEA Franta

NSRAWD 2 project

  • IRSN Franta

– Licensing Agrement (ASTEC, ICARE/CATHARE)

  • SCK-CEN Belgia

– Memorandum of Understanding, setting the basis for a close collaboration between the 2 centers in the fields of:Nuclear security, Reactors and the Research Infrastructure, Generation IV reactors, Radioactive waste management, education and training in the nuclear field.

  • ANSALDO Nucleare , ENEA Italia si RATEN ICN

– FALCON Consortium set-up in December 2013 – implementation of the LFR Demonstrator ALFRED in Romania.

  • CANDU Owners Group (COG) – Canada

– Implementation of COG RD Reports at Cernavoda NPP in the following areas: Fuel Channels, Safety and Licensing,  Radioprotection, Chemistry, Materials and Components;

Development of testing capability for irradiated CANDU pressure tube material.

  • CANDU Energy Inc ( fost AECL) – Canada

– Memorandum of Understanding between the Department of Natural Resources, Canada and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Romania, started in 1999, in the following RD areas: CANDU Nuclear Fuel, Nuclear Safety and Nuclear Power Plant Life Management;

  • DoE – USA ( Los Alamos National Laboratory şi Oak Ridge National Laboratory) ;

Agreement to exchange information and collaboration in the field of peaceful uses of nuclear power, concluded in 1999.